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The development direction of new type sand making machine

As we all know, the new sand making machine is the core equipment for the production of artificial mechanism sand, which has high performance and the production of sand making. The sand making machine can be widely used in the demand unit of sand and stone aggregate, and have their outstanding performance in construction and municipal construction. So all the manufacturers have invested a lot of energy to develop this high performance sand making machine. It is important to note that the traditional sand making machine still has a large number of defects, and its production link still can not meet the requirements of low carbon and environmental protection. The production of a new type of sand making machine is a good solution to this problem.

Several performance advantages of new sand making machine in the sand industry is excellent in sand making machine is suitable for soft material and suitable for hardness is very big material, plate hammer sand making machine adopts mechanical clamping structure firmly fixed on the rotor, when the rotor rotates with the rotary inertia is great. Compared to the hammer crusher (the hammerhead is in the draping state), the rotor of the new sand making machine has greater momentum to adapt to the harder material. The new type of sand making machine has high working efficiency and low energy consumption.

In addition, the future development trend of the new sand making machine is more convenient and flexible to adjust the particle size. The sand making machine can regulate the particle size through various ways, such as adjusting the speed of the rotor, adjusting the clearance between the counter plate and the grinding chamber. Adjusting the gap can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, hydraulic can easily through the local operation button or remote control system to complete the clearance adjusting system. With the needs of the infrastructure projects, the demand for the mechanism sand is getting higher and higher, and the continuous improvement of the sand making machine technology is an important chip that is not eliminated by the market.

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Bill Rutherford

Re: The development direction of new type sand making machine

This machine is really useful in the industry today. - Steven C Wyer

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