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attenuation of mechanical floor

less, cracks and damage and other aging phenomenon. Durability is difficult to use together, and must be measured over a long period of time. The eggshell has been simulated and tested by artificial aging accelerated test and carbon arc lamp ultraviolet irradiation test.

The changes of whiteness and the attenuation of mechanical strength are compared and selected. Other properties, such as impact resistance, anti slip, thermal conductivity, antistatic, insulation and other performance is also better. The above content is the selection of plastic flooring need to pay attention to some of the performance knowledge, I hope you can buy plastic flooring help.

Plastic floor is a kind of ground decoration material, which is widely used in home life. Recently, many users reflect that the new plastic flooring does not know how to shop and paste, the following small simple to share with you some of the plastic flooring paving method, I hope you can help plastic flooring installation. A grass-roots processing such as cement,
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Kip Brown

Re: attenuation of mechanical floor

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