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Ultrafine Mill Working Principle Technology

We based on the in-depth study of traditional grinding mill, developed SCM ultrafine mill. This Ultrafine Mill is building materials, mines, electric power and other industries of hard materials, micro fine grinding equipment, such as raw materials for limestone grinding cement manufacturing industry, sintering clinker with blending material powder into the finished cement, ore mine ore fine grinding in order to improve the grade of ore, coal power plants will be ground for full combustion.

The ultrafine mill, using the multipoint feeding, the innovative design of mill feed grinding and feeding, grinding, sieving into the discharge tube and the external aggregate, spiral feed back pipe and feed back device structure, the abrasion resistant material to grinding, grinding time, easy to wear the material for grinding, shorten the grinding time, the grinding process for grinding mill grinding sieving, its circulation, improve the mill performance and technical level, to simplify the process, reduce the equipment configuration, reduce the investment and energy saving purposes.

The technology principle of multi-point reclaiming for ultrafine grinder is that the shaft of the fine powder tube mill is set to 2 -4 grinding stores, and the material moves under the impact of the abrasive body in the cylinder body and the front end of the self tube body to the rear end. When the material is grinded by a warehouse, the fineness of a part of the material is reached to the finished product. In order to make this part of the material can be extracted, the invention is in between the tail warehouse superfine grinding machine machine each warehouse with a double chamber chamber separating device part is provided with a material extraction isolation device, diaphragm lifting plate, the circumferential direction of the tube body compartment parts set a uniform distribution of the material a radial hole, the outer side of the cylinder body hole welding material body with double flange shape, a lateral body material provided with a discharge hood, an air outlet is arranged at the top of the cover material, outlet and the external equipment dust suction pipe connection, after finished material bin before grinding after being extracted here. The finished product is collected through the external set of dust collector and sent to the finished product hoist, together with the finished finished product into the finished storage tank.

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Kip Brown

Re: Ultrafine Mill Working Principle Technology

Technology is a big factor in the development of this machine. - Steven Wyer

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