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Star Defender 4

Star Defender 4 is a space shooter attractive with beautiful graphics and rich sound. Players will engage in space battles with monsters scariest.

The alien creature is back! It looks like you've beat them completely in the earlier version but Star Defender 4 advent prove your thoughts were wrong.

The scary creatures coming swallowed your bases as a springboard to conquer our planet of ours. Therefore, you are sent to the base to stop the aggression and to the military forces of the Earth has time to prepare. Unfortunately, the spacecraft was damaged when passing black holes. You caught up in a strange area of ??open space. Here, the exotic creatures have occupied a civilization ever known. Gamers will help residents fight the monsters. Because ships were severely damaged so players will have to start using from the most primitive weapons. However, as usual, you can upgrade weapons and armor to resist the enemy.

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You are at risk of facing these kinds of weapons of mass destruction the most advanced, aggressive monsters in the universe with a unique method of attacking in Star Defender 4 . The main task of the player in the Star Defender 4 this time is to control a spacecraft, to overcome the fierce attacks of enemies, upgrades and heavily armed troops, support for areas with different dispersion forces .

Besides the weapons system from the previous version as lasers, missiles ... in this version also adds some new weapons like machine guns, saws, flamethrowers, acid bomb and cutter .

How to control quite simple, easy to learn: Keys P (Pause), CTRL (missile or secondary weapon), left-click (shoot).

You can control the ship with the mouse or keyboard. Move spaceship to the right, left, use the main weapon and a secondary with the primary purpose is to remove as many enemies as possible and gain a high score. You can upgrade the main weapon 7 times to have the highest damage.
When the enemy is defeated we will release the powerup . Collect the powerup to upgrade primary weapon, secondary, temporary weapons, or the network increases, higher. Secondary Weapons have different types including missiles, lasers, machine guns. If in the high screen you lose senior weapons will surely lose. Because of the finale, enemies will appear more, faster and stronger.

The graphics in Star Defender 4  did not win any awards but it is very appropriate for this category. Wallpapers of the game is very impressive and feels like flying players between galaxies. Design is also very meticulous monsters and unique. In addition, sound effects, background music is also very vibrant and attractive.

Firing at the enemy and dodge enemy attacks
100 levels
8 attractive tasks
Many powerful bosses at the end of each screen
Weapons diversity
Pretty simple controls
Wallpaper beautiful, impressive
If you are a fan both cosmic war genre or series of Star Defender 4 , you should not miss this 4th edition.

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