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It may look simple, but website development demands a lot of attention. Most of the clients request for a website that comprises of 20 pages, has a log-in setup, offers online payment, invites bloggers for blogs and provides customers with thousand other widgets. What seems easy is actually tough! It takes several hours and a lot of manpower to come up with a successful site. The development work is both complicated and time consuming. Simpler the design of the site Cheap Tottenham Hotspur Jerseys , more complex and expensive the development is.

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It is a great myth of several CEOs that an online website needs the presence of every staff when the planning is considered. The fact is that it a waste of time to involve every single staff in planning and designing the site when the work can be accomplished by handful of people. There is no need to rattle off suggestions by people who are least needed. It is a smart move to only consult employees who are required for content strategy, business objectives, brand assets and other technical architecture such as widgets, designs and layout.

3. Website is a commodity

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who harbour the misconception that web designing is really cheap as all the developers needs to do is take advantage of the already designed templates that some companies have already made. But the fact is that such tactics do not suffice for a long period of time. If a company really wants to make its online presence felt, they need to think about new design templates Vincent Janssen Hotspur Jersey , invest time and incur costs.

4. Online sites once built work gets over

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