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If you want to leave a great impression

submission and make use of them for their own benefit without being concerned about what happens to such people. Such a leader is always concerned with achieving his or her goals or targets and will resort to any means if it will guarantee him or her success in his area of endeavour. It is a term coined from those days when certain countries colonialized other countries and used them for their own benefit.
There are certain situations which will make a particular leader to be recognised as being a colonial leader and it is all down to the leadership strategies and approaches that such a leader decides to use in achieving the goals or targets of the organisation. Those are the main things that can make a leader to become corrupt and therefore deviate from the true way of leading a group of people towards a desirable goal. Letting the goals of the organisation dictate how you interact with those who work with you is a way of indirectly telling them that they are only there because you need them to achieve that goal. This is a very insulting way to lead people and should never ever be entertained at all by any aspiring leader.
This is why this article has been provided so that you can also identify the things that you need to do in order to steer clear of being branded as a colonial leader. It is very important that you combine all the points that will be given here in order to realise the full benefits of what you read.

Equality: This refers to the act of treating people as being the same without discriminating against anybody. Showing that each and every individual member of the organisation is equal and that not even you are above anybody is the best way to let people know that you are not out there to make slaves out of them. It is only a true leader who can treat his or her followers as his or her equals and does not make anything out of the fact that he or she is more knowledgeable or has a higher position than the rest. The main concern of such a leader is to see to it that each and every individual gets treated in the best way possible and to also be recognised as a human being with personal feelings. This can be seen in the leadership style of Jesus Christ Cheap Soccer Jerseys , Mohammed and Buddha as they sought to recognise all people as being equal with no one being superior to another. Jesus Christ referred to people as his brothers and sisters which indicates the kind of relationship that he established between himself and all those who were following him. This is what you also have to do if you are to avoid being tagged as a colonial leader.

Respect: This deals with seeing people for whom they are and not being discriminatory due to certain qualities. When people are discriminated against in an organisation, no matter the reason that will be given there will always be the colonial leader brand name attached to the name of that particular leader. Jesus Christ treated his followers with respect and even went on to the point of washing the feet of them. This goes on to show that he had a lot of respect for those who were following him and as such they also respected him very much. Respect as they say is reciprocal and so when you show respect then you will also be shown respect.

Compassion: A leader who shows genuine care and concern about the general welfare of his or her followers is the one who is seen as being very compassionate. Even though the goals of the organisation are of equal importance to him or her, he or she is very much concerned with how the workers are faring. This is because such a leader knows that only a fully fit and committed worker will be willing to put in all his or her energy into the executing of a particular task and so he or she does everything to ensure that they are always fit and happy.

Transformational: This refers to the kind of leader who seeks to bring a change through the establishment of better inter human relationships.
When you are able to show these things as a leader, then there is no way that you will ever be referred to as a colonial leader.

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Re: If you want to leave a great impression

Qualities and characteristics can define who we are. - Paul Savramis

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