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Better 910 D2 Driver Feel

AP2 Ironsare advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity forged irons , titleist ap2 irons provide improved feel, classic blade looks,and playability with shot control for the serious and skilled golfer."Tuesday a week ago, he felt up to it," Haas said in a telephone interview Friday night. "He wasn't ambulatory, but we managed to get him to the club. He was brilliant. He's an old trouper, and he really rose to the occasion. We weren't sure he was going to be able to, but he was. He delivered the whole thing, for three or four minutes, and it was tremendous."It had become clear to Haas and others that Chirkinian, who was dying of cancer, would not live long enough to attend his World Golf Hall of Fame induction May 9 in St. Augustine, Fla. They agreed that if Chirkinian felt up to it, he would tape an acceptance speech for the ceremony.The first thing you'll notice in looking at the Titleist AP2 Irons is that the back is now notched, with a bit more weight spread to the heel and toe. The tungsten weight no longer shows through the back.AP2 improvements are similar, and Titleist feels they've taken a great iron and made it better. Similar to AP1, they've improved the feel, shot control, and ground contact - particularly in the short irons by reducing bounce by one degree. The great performance, shot workability, playability, and looks have been retained, while the feel has been improved by making the new feel a bit more solid.Titleist plans to begin selling the irons later this fall, though again this marks the first week that they're rolling them out to their entire PGA Tour staff. It offers better feel, more forgiveness, and an improved shape with a thinner topline throughout the set and a shorter blade length in the short irons. The new feel is hotter and more lively.I have always been a fan of the pear-shaped head of Titleist drivers. The D2 still has that same shape with a new all black finish. Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important to players and Titlest has addressed the demand. It is definitely pretty to look at.Titleist AP2Ken Schofield CBE, former supremo of the European Tour, whom earlier this week was announced as a director of the Asian Tour, will be the new chairman of PowerPlay Golf.

910 D2 Driver He says: "Our research suggests that golf is ready for something similar to Twenty20 Cricket, which has given that sport a boost worldwide. We plan to take PowerPlay Golf global and to develop an exciting short form of the game that will not only appeal to TV audiences and broadcasters, but will also complement the long form of the game and increase the amount of golf played around the world."Distance is outstanding with the 910 D2. Was concerned about losing the length of the 905R on center hits, which was the best of any driver. But the Titleist 910 D2 Driver equals the length of the 905R best hits on its normal good hits and is several yards longer on its best hits. Very impressed with the distance of the 910 D2 on normal swings. You know you have a long and straight club when by the 12th hole your playing partners are all asking to hit it.The maximum distance sweet spot has been increased by 15% with the addition of a fast face insert. It is intended to increase ball speed and optimize the launch and spin rates to create a powerful ball flight.

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Re: Better 910 D2 Driver Feel

The right equipment also plays an important role in playing golf. - Kitchen Charm

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