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The Gift For Christmas — Ping K15 Driver

This particular K15 Driver is built owning a lengthier club face, which offers you a bigger hitting surface. This signifies that whenever you would ordinarily forget inside the toe along using the ball would go pretty an amazing offer nowhere, you can nonetheless obtain the range away from that same exact shot. No much more stepping up in the direction of tee and worrying about missing with this club just swing apart and you also will strike it additional and straighter.

The Ping K15 Driver arrives in using a 460cc mind using a club cope with that is meant to possess a bigger sweet place with one another with a great offer better forget hits within your toe and within your heel.

The K15 has a larger 460cc head design that moves weight away from the clubface to push the centre of gravity backwards and provide a higher trajectory. By increasing the length from heel to toe Ping have also been able)to create a larger surface to provide high levels of forgiveness and higher ball velocity.

The Ping G20 Driver basically looks like a cross between the G15 and the more recent K15. They're using a new titanium (Ti 8-1-1) with a higher strength/weight ratio and have increased the overall face size and MOI of the driver.

The Ping G20 Driver has a slightly wider face than the G15 and at address the head appears bigger, although not quite as large as the K15. This is achieved by a shallower crown and also visually by a lighter metallic silver finish. It's interesting that Ping have moved away from black to something slightly lighter.

The Gift For Christmas — Ping K15 Driver

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Ken James

Re: The Gift For Christmas — Ping K15 Driver

This item can really make a perfect gift item. - Kitchen Charm

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