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The dresses are quite simple and cheap

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#2 25-04-2011 11:02:11

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Re: The dresses are quite simple and cheap

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#3 05-05-2011 04:21:37

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Re: The dresses are quite simple and cheap

if she got it for free, don't you think her initial review could be kind of "biased" then? cause she was raving about it back then I think, and those who would've plunked down a few hundred could have potential repair issue as stated above. Just thought I'd bring that out. maybe you don't care about unbiased journalism integrity, but maybe someone else does. Mac iPad transfer My brother in law works for a company that supplies and sells chips to apple and he's been telling me since December that the iPhone 5 won't come out this year. But being a fanboy that follows the blogs closely I kept arguing that apple would never mess up their product cycle with the iPhone when they have stiff competition from android and has to answer to shareholders. And he kept saying we'll see. Now I'm wrong

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#4 14-07-2012 10:33:47


Re: The dresses are quite simple and cheap

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