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But the rockets still struggling

Haddon 36+5+8 send 9 mistakes key iron eyes deeply confused

Beijing time on March 6, the rockets away 100-108 to bulls, harden the game 26-10, 14-of-12 free throws, grabbed 36 points and 5 rebounds and 8 assists, but at the same time there have been as many as 9 turnovers.

Measure a players performance, not just by looking at the data, depends on the moment of performance. Harden, distal phalanx of play, not bad at all. 7 minutes 55 seconds before the end of the game, harden the top pull strong, three-point shot hit. The ball, helping the team will be closer to 10 points,nba 2k16 MT cheap but Houston, closer to 10 minutes only to see hopes of a comeback. But double-digit gaps filled, easier said than done? Sure enough, after harden tried to find Howard under the basket, errors, forcibly cutting layup and failed to put the ball into the basket. Iron and mistakes, points were opened, the rockets finally sees hope and turned into disappointment.

But the rockets still struggling, harden, Brewer sent a biography, Brewer ran basket. Then harden still assists, Beverly cut driving layup. 3 minutes and 30 seconds before until the end of the game, and harden shot, and this time he left 45 ° angle for three hits, and will be closer to 10 minutes.Click to Buy

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Thomas Worth

Re: But the rockets still struggling

Players will always find ways to be effective in playing. - Kitchen Charm

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