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Tile confusion counterproductive

Externally, tile Big Data industry is to build on the sales side and the Internet, the current electricity supplier is still fertilization ceramic tile industry, the Internet has only a limited objective to stay in daily applications, so that the clouds ceramic tile industry data to calculate what is it? For example, glitter wall panels Seychelles "Internet +." "Internet +" I think this should be reserved exclusively for the Internet industry, such as the "Internet + politics", "Internet + finance", "Internet + culture", but as the eight children of the traditional manufacturing industry ceramic tile industry, carrier the furnace should be.

it should be the press, should be glaze line, it should be showrooms, shops selling should be terminal, but some industry intellectual disabilities in learning this "nationwide trend", have to let the "Internet", "+" look tile, the position in the industry lowered productivity, the rise position of marketing force, insects resistant composite wood for deck which is to replace the driving force of an industry, it is not to raise oil criticism engine behavior? In fact rational number, so that "the ceramic tile industry" go " + "about the Internet, you may be able to" + "a younger, prosperous, modern tile industry. For example, "millet", such as "Lei Jun," such as "focus, word of mouth, extreme, fast," even learned the benefits from what? Tile industry is still a lack of cultural creativity industry.

Moreover, some colorful hat on his head, not necessarily nice. Looking back at the history of our Party and the Comintern, the CPC Central Committee and I place, those who are right and wrong, and then think of today's ceramic tile industry and these times seaman between the concepts of love and hatred, may be more clearly some "new "I can replace, for some children can not. As another example, "tile Personal Tailor." "Personal Tailor" in the ceramic tile industry is very fit applied backdrop,composite plantation shutters price  but the tile industry has to talk about "Personal Tailor" is also talk about a hot, which stems from the application of inkjet printing technology. But aside production operability, in fact, the man's head, a stone of nature, a pair of paintings, a color very structured manner, "ordered" to the love nest, will not be very seductive it?

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Ken James

Re: Tile confusion counterproductive

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