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Wet and dry mechanism sand production line

Sand making machine equipment is sand factory, stone factory production of high quality mechanism sand core equipment, so the vsi sand making machine in the work of good water, or not good water, the mechanism of different processes of sand production line need to use different types of sand making machine. With the requirements of environmental protection is more and more high, the sand making machine can reduce the dust pollution, the finished sand dust is less in line with the requirements of higher buildings. However, it is not all of the environmental protection of sand production line process all need to use water, and some of the dry process of sand production by the use of the selection or dust removal device to achieve environmental protection.

Wet mechanism sand production line need to use water, sand production machinery and equipment to process the mechanism of sand need to be washed by wheel washing machine, wet mechanism sand production line from the appearance of the sand grains, and reduce the soil content. Wet sand production is suitable for many water areas, the distance to the water source is closer to the place. Wet sand can be built sedimentation tanks, to achieve recycling of water resources utilization, but also to join the sand recycling machine, to collect the waste water of fine sand and silt. The equipment of suitable wet process mechanism is: 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, rod mill type sand making machine, numerical control machine, etc..

In some areas lack of water, or process requirements is dry sand production, the sand production equipment is not used in the work of the water. Prepared by dry sand process work when you don't need to water to get rid of the artificial sand clay powder, but through the clay powder sand removal, reduce artificial sand clay powder content using the sand making machine dust collector, so as to get the better of sand, ensure the quality and grade of sand. Dry process of sand production process using the selection of the model, to achieve the separation of sand, the final selection of the quality of the construction of fine sand, dust will be collected, as a by-product. Dry process for the application of sand in the water source area, such as the north and other dry areas. Dry method on wet sand sand investment legal system must be high, and the process is more complex. Sand making machine equipment suitable for dry sand making machine has 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, impact type sand making machine, numerical control machine, etc.. These sand making machine equipment in the process of work can not need to use water can also be processed to produce quality mechanism of the finished product.

In summary, the work of sand making machine in water, water is good or not according to the actual demand and the process to set. We provide all kinds of dry and wet mechanism sand production line technology and equipment, according to the users of raw materials, production, application, local geographical conditions for users to adjust measures to local conditions, because of the need for system design of sand processing.

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Ed Shayne

Re: Wet and dry mechanism sand production line

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