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<p>In eye of the person that many electric business do poineering work, data mining becomes already it seems that " divine arms edge tool " , should speak of only attract user and promotion outstanding achievement, reach data mining and data analysis surely with respect to character. </p><p>But if say, to cleaning out treasure, Beijing east, every guest these electric business magnates that have user of 1 million very consummate ten million, data mining still can arise not the word of common effect, so just start to those, have tens of thousands of thousands of to register an user only, do not talk to go up even what can form how many data is medium or small electric business, should dig dig up from where again? </p><p>This year in April, strawberry clique fills copartner Xu Zi high once upon a time to look over there obtained millions angel to invest. 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It is me true not very looks.. </p><p>Look in him, to cleaning out treasure, Beijing east, this kind of hand holds every settle or live in a strange place millions is very consummate for the electric business tycoon of ten million user, data mining is further perfect detail really probably in order to attract the user, the one and only way that raises guest unit price and profit space, but to what just start in for small cable business, what stare at data closely overly to be able to cause whole to develop direction to go up only is serious " break anxious " . </p><p>"Each data can represent the result of previous action only, if regard improvement and the premise that rise as its, very possible meeting limits the choice of your eye shot and ameliorable direction. But the problem that how can if you are in all energy focusing,just solve user place need, go actually offerring the word of the solution, the effect can be close friends more than what you anticipate. 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