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vertical roller mill working principle

Vertical roller mill has many different forms, but it works basically the same. All of these forms of machine comes with roller (or the equivalent of roller grinding parts), and roller along the track of the disc at the level of circular movement imposed by external grinding roller in the vertical pressure on the disc on the material being the joint action of compression and shear, and to crush.
It has two pairs of grinding rollers, each pair of roller composed of two narrow rollers, mounted on the same axis and can rotate at different speeds. There are two circular disc slot, and roller to the tire shape, work pressure in the tank. Disc roller and the relative sliding velocity between small and roller can swing, even if the roller sleeve and the disc after the liner wear can guarantee a good abrasive, will not affect the grinding effect. Roller symmetrical structure, one side can be upside down after use and wear.
In order to improve the grinding machine's working efficiency, and high power consumption and high material consumption of grinding to avoid "breaking" unnecessary work, try to use process of "more crushing and less grinding", reducing mill loss. The crusher is often associated with a joint working, vertical roller mill must work jointly with the classifier. Set the prescreening for crushing section, the materials can be without this broken material pre screening, can reduce the amount of ore into the crusher crushing and reduce unnecessary. And check the screening set in crushing the material can be not qualified grade returned to the crusher and crushing, check screening settings can strictly control the crushed product size.
Particle size of ore milling than ore crushing stricter requirements, and the mill itself has no ability to control the particle size of the product (rod mill has a certain granularity control ability, can open circuit grinding), because the classifier, set to control the grinding in the mill must be outside, namely the closed-circuit grinding.
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Mike Watson

Re: vertical roller mill working principle

There are really important principles to follow in order to maximize the uses of the machine. - HomeLife Warranty Protection

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