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In the overall market value, altogether game operations, I believe that it's not better than, "yesterday, the state general managing of sports foot tv center director wei once again offered to highlight the Chinese super league business value higher than that relating to CBA, is than the CBA.

Recently, a media reported the CBA nba in the next five years will be A pair of billion sponsorship for li ning organization, the price of 400 million yuan each and every year on average is much higher than $90 thousand thousand a year in the super nfl of sponsorship. This framework, the view that China's football "head" wei thought-provoking: CBA nba really worth $2 billion? The pub can harvest? Who will pay to your sponsor's risk by?

The CBA salary increase, the club is a useful one

For the sponsor's support, almost all the CBA team. The xinjiang men's basketball clb general manager guo ship said: "of system is good, the price reflects the company value of CBA, professional league will need to have and the market, the nfl, the better, the bigger the brand cost. We hope the club throughout investment increase at the same time, their very own income can also be proportionately increased.Inch

In an interview with our media reporter, guo ship has revealed any club and the basketball connections league into some of the circumstance: "in the past, these brand sponsors appear to have had a relationship seriously isn't too big, our club clb just get equipment, money provided to the infront company, each and every year by infront to basketball association to pay some money. Basketball association and will be ranked according to the time to give the club a little revenue, our club last time didn't get the money, just before a few season won the particular runner-up, is assigned to more than 100." nike air max 90 The club's premiership runners-up in xinjiang directly into also only then much more than 100, for a number of other small and medium-sized clubs, into less. Compared to the huge investment, CBA club profits is negligible. Guo ship as well said that the current CBA club's personal investment authority is not great, ticket sales also stay around low level, in the CBA overall importance recognized at the same time, he also trust the club can get even more rights: "each club for the moment, distinction is very big, the individual choice club can reach Millions of, but only a few more of the clb. We hope that the club can have greater rights and pursuits protection, to minimize the loss."

Destock Chaussures Nike Far above the Chinese super little league CBA value?

Background: if the CBA earned by an average of 400 million RMB, it will be much higher than $90 trillion a year in the super category of sponsorship. But don't appearance so wei, director of the heart for foot tube -- the third China football development BBS yesterday held in Beijing, the particular theme of "under the new funding influx of Chinese tremendous value". Issued the Chinese super team business value report with the meeting, the country foot pipe center director wei about the latest situation of Chinese soccer and in the future. He said: "the baseball association's bid for the 2017 U20 World Glass, is the focus of the first in the competition after teens to prepare for the bid to host the World Cup." At the same time, wei said firmly: CBA can't a lot more than the Chinese football.

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Word of mouth is usually poor, but the Chinese awesome league has been leading industrial value


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