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Tim Jones
28-10-2017 06:11:03

This will be an exciting competition to look forward to. - Kitchen Charm

02-09-2013 10:02:21

Having mastered the art of swimming, Michael Phelps has penned a deal with PING to focus his athletic efforts on the game of golf. Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 18 gold medals, will represent the brand for the first time in today’s Phoenix Open Pro-Am where he'll be partnered with PING staffer and Masters champion Bubba Watson.

The 27-year-old American will play 14 PING clubs including the new Ping G25 driver, Ping G25 fairway woods and Scottsdale TR putter. "I know how difficult the game of golf is, but I'm really serious about getting better and the experts at PING have already helped me a lot," said Phelps, who will take part in ‘The Haney Project' on Golf Channel.

"The guys looked at my swing on the range and dialled me into clubs that perfectly fit my stance and swing. Considering how tall I am and the length of my arms, they showed me how important and beneficial it is that I play with custom-fit clubs.

"Once I had clubs that were built specifically for me, my ball flight improved right away. PING has a long history of helping golfers play better, so I'm excited to see how much I can continue to improve my game with the help of their equipment."

Phelps' 6'4" height, long arms and large hand size make him a perfect subject for custom fitting and PING's club technicians built his Ping G25 irons one inch over standard length, three degrees upright and with grips 1/32-inch over standard size.

PING Wrx, the company's custom shop, added a few special touches to the clubs, including painting the clubs with gold and red, white and blue accents. "Michael is a legendary sports icon, and we all watched with great pride as he represented theUnited Stateswhile dominating his sport in international competition over the last decade," said PING's chairman & CEO John Solheim.

The performance of the irons was second to none, and should put these irons at the top of anyones list to try if considering a new purchase. Without this opportunity to review these irons I likely would have never given these irons a second look.

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