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Thomas Worth
28-01-2018 23:40:30

Great match. The competition is getting more exciting. - Steve Wyer

02-05-2013 08:59:36

ABC TV to Wentworth Miller and Orlando Jones provides two roles, so that they appeared in the drama "Identity" pilot.

ABC television in the "Identity" a few of this type of drama of success. The play is about a team of elite police with identity related to fight crime story.

The play by ABC Studios, John Glenn is responsible for the script, Deb Spera and Mark Gordon served as executive producer. Mark Gordon and ABC Studios cooperative long-standing, his cooperation with the television series including "Grey 's Anatomy" and "Private Practice". Deb Spera and Mark Gordon is also CBS television "Criminal Minds" and "Army Wives" Lifetime television producer.

Orlando Jones is an American comedian, he in the "Rules Of Engagement", "Men in Trees" and "Everybody Hates Chris" are performed. Wentworth Miller in the " Prison Break season 4 dvd " in the limelight after appearing in Break, at the same time as the English language and literature in Princeton University graduates, he wrote a horror film scripts, and last year was Fawkes searchlights to buy.

from: http://dvdonlineshops.blogspot.com/2013 … other.html