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Mike Watson
13-01-2019 01:45:45

It is one of the most important materials in the industry. - Doug Battista

11-01-2019 11:34:39

We are a supplier and manufacturer in China. We provide 0.12-5.0MM * 600-1250MM galvanized coil, aluminum-zinc coil, soft or hard material GL galvanized coil, and PPGI pre-coated galvanized coil. Now let's introduce what galvanized steel coil is.

Galvanized steel coil (GI) is produced by applying zinc film on the surface of a zinc pot through pickling and rolling hard plates. Because of the characteristics of zinc, it has excellent corrosion resistance, paintability and processability. Generally, the process and specification of a galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel coil are basically the same.
Whether they are galvanized coils or galvanized steel sheets, they all have one thing in common. The prototype is galvanized steel. So what is galvanized steel?
Galvanized sheets are carbon steel sheets coated with zinc on both sides by a continuous hot dipping process. The coating tightly adheres to the steel, in which the Fe-Zn alloy bonding layer is formed by a diffusion process, and the heated steel strip contacts the molten zinc. One disadvantage of galvanizing is that if the zinc coating is scraped off by steel, the steel will not be protected and will fail.

GI steel coil with spangles manufacturer
Shandong Hengze New Materials Co., Ltd.
Address: High Technology Industrial Development Zone, Taian, China
Contact: Elijah Wen
E-mail: export04@sdhengzesteel.com