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20-07-2018 19:30:23

These equipment are very useful and very efficient. - Douglas Battista

13-06-2018 04:39:04

YK circular vibrating screen is circular trajectory motion, seat type installation, in the mineral processing, building materials, electricity and other industries as material classification equipment is widely used. Today, we make an analysis of the vibrating screen structure. The vibrating screen consists of the following parts:

1, exciter: each side board is installed a set of exciter. Each group is composed of two eccentric blocks, two sub eccentric blocks, a pair of single column centripetal short cylindrical bearings and two protective covers. The exciter is fixed on the side plate by bolt, and the two exciter is connected with the universal coupling. The angle of the eccentric block can be changed to change the amplitude of the vibration exciter. The exciter is installed on the side plate to save the heavy support beam, so that the force of the sieve box is more reasonable.

2, sifter box: it is the largest component of the screening machine, which consists of feeding grooves, discharge grooves, side plates, crossbeams, sieves, tensioner and so on. The side plate is made of the whole steel plate, the beam is seamless steel pipe, and the high strength bolt is used between the welding pieces and the side plates, and the work is reliable and the maintenance is simple.

3, support device: rubber spring as an elastic element, by changing the height of the bracket to change the angle of the sieve surface, the height of the support frame and the size of the hole bolt hole are determined by the user.

4, Tire couplings: it connects the vibrator with the fixed motor and drives the torque.
Through the understanding of the structure of the YK circular vibrating screen, it can help us in daily operation of the circular vibrating screen to use and maintain operation becomes more simple.