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10-06-2018 05:34:10

Barcelona vs Chelsea !! Messi shot a hundred different stars chasing a 4-0 Blue Sharks 8 UCL team.


wwwpic5678The UEFA Champions League round of 16 (final two). Barcelona open home defeat Chelsea.
With three goals to 0, including two shots "I threw it" to beat the pass to the 8th round with a 4-1 score.
Uefa Champions League Round of 16 (second shot)
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 wwwpic5678
Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea (including two matches Barcelona won 4-1)
Goalie: 1-0 Messi 3 / 2-0 Notre Dame 20 / 3-0 Messi 63
Time: 2.45 am
Stadium: Camp Nou  wwwpic5678
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 (Final Two) on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
It is a duel between Barcelona and Cue open the Camp Nou to welcome Chelsea.
Before the game ended, the victory was overwhelming. "I throw" at the score 3-0.
The win scored with 4 goals to 1 through to the last 8 teams to succeed.
The game opened just 3 minutes, Lionel Messi came to the door to the host quickly.
Not too long ago, Uesmane Dembele was added to the score. "I throw away" away to 2-0 (20 minutes)
The remaining time is still the Barcelona side to dominate the ball over Chelsea.
The back garden until 63 minutes, Lionel Messi came to shoot his own second in this game. And the 100th.
In the Champions League's UEFA Champions League help the banana to win easily in the score 3-0.