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happy wheels
11-02-2019 10:18:04

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30-08-2018 12:01:14

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08-06-2018 06:27:29

The problem is here! Former Manchester United star points out that Alexis also show form is not clear.


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The Chilean offensive continues to show the best form with the Red Devils not once. Since moving from Arsenal.
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Former 39-year-old quarterback, who is currently converting to an analyst for the game, said through Sky Sports.
"I think the problem is that Sanchez is doing just like he is playing for Arsenal, he's still playing that way."
"Manchester United and Arsenal play in a different way clear.
He was not fit to play in Mourinho's style, but he understood why he was on the pitch.
That is because he is a newly bought player." sbobet มือ ถือ
For Alexis is experiencing problems with the form with Manchester United.
Most recently, he was one of the worst performers to be criticized. In the home game against Sevilla 1-2.