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17-05-2018 03:51:06

Pep Guardiola super-coach Manchester City out of the Crystal Palace and Wilfred Saha wing of the team as well as reveal which countries are favorites for the 2018 World Cup.

The 47-year-old trainer led the 'Blues' to win the Premier League 2017/18, breaking many records. Roy Hodgson's Roy Hodgson is one of the team that has always won the home side of City.

Giorgio Arsenevich shows his teammates.

Sky Sports

"From the start, I really enjoyed Tottenham. I like their play very much. "

"Liverpool are excellent. I have trouble finding Jeremiah. Germany Changing the pace of their inner space quickly. They have a lot of lessons from last season. "

"The season was Chelsea. We learned to play after 5 and moving. I think many of the team plans to use Antonio Conte "

"Of course, Jose is a rival for his team, making them believe in the team. I appreciate their high quality team and other features that are "

"I like crystals. Palace with Saha and other teammates. I enjoy watching their football, a diverse team. And the players they have "

This season, football will enter the World Championship in Russia from June to July, which is one of the viewers.

The big cat Katalan said. "I think Spain is a favorite with Germany and Brazil and Argentina if Messi is good."

"I am very thankful to England for having a team and the country welcomes me with my family. I'm interested in this list. "sbobet mobile