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15-04-2018 07:19:26

Bexcans vs Bayern Munich !! Tigers under the light, Besiktas 3-1 with 8 teams.


agent sbobetThe UEFA Champions League round of 16 (final two). Besiktas opened the home to Bayern Munich.
With a score of 1-3, two shots, "Tiger South" is a pass to the 8th round to the final with a score of 8-1.
Uefa Champions League Round of 16 (second shot)
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 agent sbobet
Besiktas 1-3 Bayern Munich (including two wins Bayern Munich 8-1)
Goalie: 0-1 Al Kantaran 18 / 0-2 Goals (Own goal) 46 / 1-2 Lopez. 59 / 1-3 Wagner .84
Time: 00:00
Stadium: Vodafone Stadium
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 (Final Two) on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
It is a duel between Besiktas and Qantas opened the stadium Vodafone to welcome the visit of Bayern Munich.
Before this game, "Tigers under" will be invaded again to re-win again at 3-1 score by the visiting team.
The door was taken from the 18th minute from the shot of Thiago Alcantara after the first half.
Goalkeeper of the home team will miss the ball into the door itself (46 minutes) and Wagner Love
At the end of the game, Sanders Wagner
Bayern Munich (84th minute) to help the "tiger under" paved the way through to the final round 8 easily.
List of 11 real teams. agent sbobet
Besiktas: Tokio Hotel, Gokan, Gary Medellin, Nizam Ulysse, Cherner Urquhart, Tolkien Arslan, O Guido Ozaki, Ricardo Quasario, Jeremy Lens, Mustafa Peetemeck, Wagner Love

Bayern Munich: GK, Rapina, Jerome Boateng, Matt Hummels, David Alba, Javier Martinez , Arturo Vidal, Thiago Alkandra, Fran Ribeiro, Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski