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19-05-2018 08:52:22

It is good to see  Emeritus again in the field. - Paul Savramis

10-04-2018 13:14:00

Liverpool midfielder Emeritus admits to keep dreaming of grabbing the UEFA Champions League to come and hug him and open the mind of the lottery around the 8 teams do not contend with who will meet.

The team of york Cleopatra made a stunning start to attack FC Porto 5-0 before returning to play in Anfield, not always focus on 0-0 to stand in front of the semi-finals, which will be a joint session. This Friday

Despite the possibility that "Reds" may have to find solid as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Juventus, but it does not feel terribly troubled.

"I was waiting anxiously for who we would play with. It is so exciting that I want to come here, "said the former Bayer star. Leverkusen ventured through the official website of the club.

"Even though there are so many tough clubs, why would I have to care for Liverpool, and at this time, no team would be in my head? It does not contradict that "

"No matter where we are going to play, we just say, okay, we'll get to know each other. It sure is that we will play to win. We are in the semi-finals. We will think one by one. "

"Of course we hope to retain the dream of winning the Champions League."เว็บ พนัน บอล