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Matthew Wade
16-05-2018 06:53:59

Nice game. The fans have been very excited about this match. - Dr. James D. Sterling

06-04-2018 11:38:06

The Independent Control Board expressed concern over Manchester's conduct in the field. City officials have repeatedly violated the rules, but insisted the situation was not yet reached.

The England Football Association fined the City £ 50,000 after not being able to control its own players during the game. Athletic's FA Cup final 16 teams last month.

The commission said the punishment was not as serious as the Premier League cut-off, but it was a concern as it was the third place in the "Blues" fell to the sword in this case in just 14 months.

City have been fined from uncontrolled players in the game for Chelsea in December 2016 and Liverpool in March 2017.

"Board members are extremely concerned about the frequent violations of club rules. Considering that before December 2016, they have not done this for five seasons. "

"What has happened is seen as a factor that causes more violence, however, is not at the level of the vote cut."

At first, City had to be punished for Sergio's behavior. Aguero and David Silva went to Anthony. Taylor, but fell to £ 50,000, because City accepted the allegations and promised to improve the behavior.เว็บ พนัน บอล