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07-03-2020 06:59:05

There are some great Manchester United games. - Phillip Elden

21-03-2018 09:54:18

The Mirror

Arsenal and Chelsea are quietly watching the contract situation of Luke. Yellow Shawn of Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has confirmed that the England side is preparing a new contract, which is a turning point in his career.

Mourinho has been attacking the back-to-back form in the past, but has returned to fitness and is actually 5 out of 8 games this year.

The deal has not yet started, although the original contract is set to expire at the end of next season.

22 year old defender wants to tie the future in the old. Long distance but it seems he still has to wait for his new contract to increase the cost of £ 80,000 a week to £ 120,000-150,000 a week, as well as other Sr. players.

This delay makes the "big guns" and "high society" are looking for new left back, showing interest and watching closely.

Milan's Monaco will be 32 this month, with only one contract left for the year. Birthdays

United are reportedly interested in Danny. Rose of Tottenham Hotspur includes Ryan. Fulham midfielder to be stationed in the long term.สมัคร sbobet