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13-03-2018 07:22:51

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United come back to criticize Frank de Boers by saying that the Dutchman is the worst manager in the history of the Premier League.

After Marcus Raftford Mao two goals to help "Red Devils" beat Liverpool 2-1 in the game Red Heat. Former Crystal consultant Palace de Bourbon has commented that the 20-year-old star was under the control of Mourinho's team, who dared not take the chance.

"Unfortunately, the manager is Mourinho. Normally, being a British player, you have to give him time to play, but he may miss some. But Mourinho is not the same. He needs the results of the race "

"If he does not play a good game two games. Mourinho will remove him from the team "

"He is a rising star. He needs more experience. But he has the talent. Of course you want to see this kid on the field every week. "

When you know about it, Mourinho is not inactive. Come back to the garden. "I read the words of the worst manager in Premier League history like Frank de Boers, who guided seven shots and lost seven goals."

"He said it was bad for Marcus. Rashford has a coach like me. The most important thing is to win. "

"If he had Frank as a coach He will learn how defeat it is. Because he loses every game, "he said.

De Boers then took over at the site of the park in the summer. He led the team to four defeats before being bounced back after only 77 seats and was the first manager in the history of the Premier League team and can not shoot the door even a single opponent.

The Palace lost the first seven Premier League appearances this season, but the 3 in it is the work of Roy. Hodgson to replace De Boers, which Mourinho misunderstood.sbobet777