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08-03-2018 03:57:12

how to lowes composite deck covering

sealing edge wood planter base

where can i buy outdoor wpc hollow deck uk

Masson pine substrate stability The selection of high quality masson pine flooring materials, long and delicate fibers, full of toughness, excellent stability; Second, the seven true use of scientific and technological achievements FCF hunt aldehyde technology, effectively reduce formaldehyde, environmental healthier. Testers smell it, without any smell.
Poor general substrate with the floor of this section is far from the substrate, looks more dregs, dull color, feel it will be slightly dregs, smell pungent odor larger. Therefore, assessors in this proposal that consumers buy WPC floor, be sure to look for a good brand and then buy, to avoid buying will affect the health of the product.
Backplane balance layer marked with seven real logo
Balance layer. Have a certain intensity and thickness, and soaked with resin, play a role in moisture-proof flooring deformation. On the back of the balance layer, we can see seven true anti-counterfeit labels, consumers can pay attention to the observation of the purchase, to avoid buying bad products.
Floor stain resistance test:
First of all, use a gel pen to write the seven truths on the floor Use paper towels to wipe the handwriting, if the force is small, the pen will not be erased, you must hard to wipe in order to rub the pen. After wiping, the surface can not see stain marks.
Floor wear test
WPC floor wear resistance mainly depends on the content of surface aluminum oxide, a certain amount of wear-resistant rotation corresponding to a certain amount of aluminum oxide content. For home floor wear-resistant rotation is usually used more than rpm. Field test by assessors, we can find that this section of the product a good degree of wear-resistant, how any scratch assessment assessors, but also no signs of wear.