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farhanfarma kali memperla
22-11-2018 03:07:21

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Arthur Wayne
08-05-2018 04:25:11

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15-01-2018 07:25:11

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Dressage at the highest level represents sport at its most graceful can only be produced when horse and rider are completely in sync. Thus dressage is the perfect team sport with rider and horse needing to be in perfect balance. Dressage at all levels improves balance, suppleness, and obedience with the purpose of improving and facilitating the horse's performance of normal tasks.

The impact made by Xenophon on the equine skills of Ancient Greece show through in the present dressage. Dressage became noticed in Western Europe as a very useful training of horses in the renaissance period. The renaissance horse masters of Western Europe invented a series of training modules which have stayed fairly constant and provide the starting point for the training of the present day dressage.

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