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Thomas Worth
12-02-2018 01:45:39

The method of using this service has been very effective. - Steven C Wyer

04-01-2018 09:32:02

It has high heating speed, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and has been favored by many consumers. Here we take a look at the warm core self heating floor which features? 1, heating up fast and comfortable warm core self heating floor, floor heating in heat directly from the floor surface, divergent 2-5 mm to the heating area, greatly reducing the heat transfer distance,

electrothermal conversion rate of more than 95%. 15 minutes on the floor, the surface temperature of the floor is about 30 degrees. 2, the installation is simple because of the unique "floor heating in structure design, the heating layer is integrated into the floor, is the real" self heating type ", under the floor without laying complex pipes, cables and other facilities,

direct reference to the installation method of ordinary wood floor, home without" disembowelling, be busy at putting up installations". 3, long service life and maintenance free does not require all the complicated complex parts input, and the service life of the floor, water is equal;
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