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Russel Brook
13-06-2018 13:02:22

It is now getting more popular nowadays. - James D. Sterling

09-12-2017 02:44:44

Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Winter 2017 collection pandora charms soldes, with a closer look at a rather special bead – the Bright Ornament charm! This is Pandora’s limited edition offering for the holidays this year, replacing the traditional Black Friday exclusive bead.I did mean to get this review out over the Black Friday weekend, as I figured that many of you would be thinking about picking it up as part of your spends for the various promos and offers, but I simply ran out of time. It’s been a busy week with more to do at work and family things, and I’ve been here, there and everywhere! But, perhaps a lot of you have bought one and would like a little inspiration, or just to pat yourself on the back for picking out a beautiful charm. If so – please do read on!
The pandora bracelet pas cher looks like a pretty Christmas bauble, decked out in red enamel and clear CZs, with a silver bow to finish. The enamel has a really pretty, translucent quality – it’s a bright red, but the glossy finish gives it a more elegant quality.This was originally going to be Pandora’s traditional limited edition release for Black Friday – but they seem to have changed their mind at the last minute. It’ll be interesting to see whether we get a Black Friday charm at all next year, either!The charm itself is threaded, and feels reassuringly weighty to touch. As is traditional for Black Friday charms, it has the date inscribed – this is tucked away on the side like a hallmark.
Of course, if you’re in the US, one of the major draws to this bead is the rather spectacular packaging. Pandora US teamed up with the Radio City Rockettes this year and, in honour of the association, have rebranded the Bright Ornament as the ‘Rockettes charm’. It comes packaged in a pretty red and silver ornament gift box, which matches the styles of the charm itself.This isn’t available in any other regions, however, not even Canada.pandora bague soldes have historically always been great at putting out limited edition packaging, offers and other little extras that are perfect for making an exclusive release seem that bit more special – I’ve never understood why other regions don’t follow their lead more often. It’s a shame that this wasn’t on offer with the charm elsewhere.
I had thought that this box was porcelain, but it’s actually metal – it fastens with a magnet. The upside of this is that it will most probably be more durable if it should fall off your tree. I never hang my pandora bijoux soldes,as I have a horror of them falling and smashing into pieces!However, despite all the festive marketing and branding, I’m actually not using my Bright Ornament in a Christmas design! In fact, it’s going on my Asian/CNY bracelet, with its vibrant red colour scheme and celebratory aesthetic. This is one of my only works-in-progress left out of my collection, and I’m so enjoying adding to it a little more gradually as new Asian/red beads are released.
The swirling combination of red enamel and CZ is so reminiscent of this year’s bijoux charms pandora pas cher, the Dancing Lion, that you can’t help but wonder if Pandora’s designers were inspired by their CNY collection anyway when designing the Bright Ornament!It fits in beautifully with the other Asian reds, and the theme of celebration is undoubtedly appropriate. I’m going to add the new God of Fortune dangle to this bracelet when it comes out for the Pandora CNY 2018 release.Apologies if you were hoping for a little more festive inspiration – however, the Christmas Polar Bear from the new collection did sneak its way into my shopping bag over the weekend, and I’ll be reviewing that very shortly!