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Ken James
23-12-2017 18:53:12

These principles are very important to be followed to maximize the use of this machine. - Kitchen Charm

07-12-2017 03:48:55

Raymond mill is suitable for the preparation of all kinds of mineral powder and pulverized coal, such as the fine powder processing of raw material ore, gypsum ore, coal and so on. In order to facilitate the understanding of the users of Raymond Mill Operation Principle , our company introduces the maintenance method of Raymond mill for you.

1, in order to make Raymond Mill normal, the equipment maintenance and safety operation system should be worked out to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, as well as necessary maintenance tools, grease and corresponding accessories.

2, Raymond Mill in the use of the process, should be responsible for the fixed personnel, operators must have a certain level of technology. The grinding machine must carry out the necessary technical training to the operator before installation, so as to understand the principle performance of the mill and be familiar with the operating rules.

3, Raymond mill after a period of time, should also overhaul and repair replacement treatment on roller grinding ring blade wearing parts, grinding roller device to examine connecting bolts and nuts should be before and after use, to see whether there is loose, grease is full.

4, fineness adjustment. According to the size, hardness, moisture content and specific gravity of the material, the thickness and thickness of the processing are also different. The analyzer can adjust the upper part of the analyzer, with high speed, high fineness, low rotation speed and low fineness. In order to improve the fineness, the output will be reduced, and the speed of the fan should be debugged when the requirement is not reached, and the user can master it flexibly.

5, the scrap limit of the grinding roller ring, the remaining minimum wall thickness should not be less than 10mm.

6, when the grinding roller is used for more than 500 hours, the rolling bearings must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tools can be manually operated with fuel pumps and grease guns.

7, stop, stop feeding, host still continue to cover, so that the residual abrasive continue grinding, after about a minute, can turn off the host motor and motor analyzer, stop grinding work, then stop the fan motor, in order to purge residual powder.