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One of my favorite Trollbeads releases from the recent past was their limited edition Cherry Blossom Collection.  Comprised of an emerald fantasty Pandora Luminous Elegance Jewellery Set sale Shop, splitter pendant, and emerald earrings, this collection is right up my alley featuring both cherry blossoms and green.  The addition of emeralds makes it very decadent and luxurious – I couldn’t resist! Story by Kranz & Ziegler recently launched their Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection in Denmark a few weeks ago. Not all markets have received this release though, including the US as we’re still anticipating the charms and bracelets getting to retailers. The lovely folks at Lovelinks America, the US distributor of Story, have kindly sent me a few samples to review* from the collection, including one of their new products – the multi-strand colored pearl bracelet.

For a more comprehensive review on the different ways to wear the fantasy Pandora Infinite Love Jewellery Set Buy Online, check out Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace.  These are still around, but Trollbeads won’t be producing more when they’re sold out.  My preferred retailer is Trollbead Boutique, and you can contact them for individual pictures of their remaining emeralds.  Are you a fan of this collection?  Do you like the motif or the precious gemstone?

I started with their leather Pandora Girl vs the World Charm Set Best Deals which are slightly wide flat and the pods are meant to stay in place which is wonderful.  Today’s review then turns to a brand new product to me, the byBiehl Venus Necklace!  Necklaces are all the vogue for the summer, with the warmer temperatures making wearing jewelry a bit cumbersome, so it’s nice to explore other venues that we can use our charms on.

The Karma Beads Collection debuted at the beginning of the week, but stores have yet to receive their stock so these are not available for sale yet.  The concept takes after the European style cPandora Gingerbread Man and Engravable Bracelet Gift Set Discount Shop but with a contemporary twist.  72 beads are launched initially and these can be used on the bracelet (silver and oxidized), necklace, earrings, and ring.  The materials used vary from natural stones, pearls, cubic zirconia, enamel, silver, rose and yellow gold plated finish.

Following the feature on Seahorse and Seahorse Daddy, today’s post discusses Michael Weihe’s The World charm.  Michael is an amazing goldsmith located in Denmark, and his work first came to my attention by way of the Trollbeads Jellyfish, one of my favorite nautical themed beads.  He has a background in biology and is inspired mainly by nature.  The is evident in his production of The World, which depicts a globe Pandora Forget Me Not Necklace & Stud Gift Set UK Outlet Store.