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Thomas Worth
12-01-2018 22:43:42

Nice tips. It is really important to choose the best flooring products. - Kitchen Charm

13-10-2015 02:57:50

"High-grade solid wood flooring original 398 yuan / square, price 135 yuan / square", at first glance, only a 70-square-meter house on the cheap floor nearly more than 20,000 yuan. In fact, the "lofty" List for businesses of any fabrication, is false. Yesterday, reporters from the Price Bureau price supervision and inspection bureau has learned that on our home market, original fiction and other price fraud compared And more, and prices were inflated by a big margin,lifetime renew it deck coating  some even quite outrageous. List how much, how much price. In many sales sites, consumers can see such ads. On the floor and other home market, but often hard to find the original track. .

"Original, businesses using this term is strictly limited" price department official told reporters that the original price refers to the operators in the first seven days of the price reduction in the present market place transactions have the lowest transaction price transaction instruments; if the first seven days of no trading price, it should be to the last trading price prior to the price reduction as the original. Otherwise, it is the original fiction, are price-gouging. Wood-plastic composite,outdoor composite furniture | 7Trust Reporters learned that some merchants sold floor "specials" have never been traded before, will concoct an original does not exist. In addition, some businesses claim that commodity prices, but the price is the price after the sales price before the real deal when, in fact, did not cut prices.

What is the business fucks Specials Specials? A lot of people take for granted that this is the commodity prices fell. Some businesses saw the people of this mentality, casually introduced so-called specials, some false none, some went so far up the price. Moreover, the price of specials was actually rise, not fall. Reporters visited a flooring brand stores, see a wood floor is a promotion, sales staff claimed: original price of 398 yuan, price is 135 yuan. However, law enforcement personnel to verify the price discovery, before the promotion, which had sold a floor, while the sales price of the last transaction is 118 yuan. cost effective way That is, the businessmen claim that lowering the price from 398 yuan to 135 yuan, but it is actually rose from 118 yuan to 135 yuan, up 235 yuan. Price department said such acts are the property of price gouging. Combined with the inspection, the price department spokesman told reporters about the price of several common fraud. First, the promotional price with a high and low contrast original method.