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Mike Watson
29-09-2017 02:56:08

This is one of the most widely used machines today. - HomeLife Warranty Protection

22-12-2014 07:14:16

The vertical roller mill adopts external circulation, thus removing iron is more convenient, the grinding belt machine and coarse powder into the mill in grinding, etc., should be combined with electromagnetic iron remover, in order to reduce the grinding material of iron content, reduce the abrasion.
Vertical roller mill according to the conditioning tower and filter position, arrangement scheme of two different, namely three fan system and double fan system. The cyclone dust collector for collecting product. This arrangement can reduce the system working pressure and the amount of gas collector. Used esp can also use the bag dust collector as the dust removal equipment; the dust collecting device can be electric precipitator and bag dust collector, the grinding of gas directly into the dust collector, the system reduces the number of devices, simplifies system configuration.
Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle :
The motor dives the grinding table to turn through the speed reducer. At the same time, hot air comes into the roller mill from the air inlet.
The materials fall down the centre of grinding table from the feeder. Because of the centrifugal force, the materials move to the edge of grinding table from the centre .The materials are crushed by the grinding roller when they passes the groove on the grinding table. The crusher materials continue to move to the edge of the grinding table until they are taken away by the airstream. Then the bigger materials fall down the grinding table and the process of crushing continues. When the materials in the airstream pass the separator on the top of the mill, the materials fall down the grinding table from the taper filler under the force of guide leaf blade.
Vertical roller mill for sale
According to the actual needs and the material requirements of customers for different sectors of the material requirements are not the same, the output is not the same, so is not the same demand for the mill, we must first know the rough grinding, fine grinding or fine grinding After clear before they can be selected, as well as a vertical milling machine is the problem of production, yield different result in different prices, of course, if you choose a high-quality manufacturers, they will solve all the worries for our customers.Our company offers high-quality products, please visit our website:
http://www.sandcrushers.net/products/gr … -mill.html
http://www.sandcrushers.net/products/gr … -mill.html